Friday, February 12, 2010

Celebration of Spring

I was walking down in my neighborhood one fine evening; having walking my way to the nearby car-wash center to pick back my car, looking around, i looked, a woman was squatting down toasting something over the burning charcoal; she is making the "kuih belanda" aka "love letters". I continued walking, until i heard a voice calling over me with a kind of warmth and friendliness, "Oh boy...selamat tahun baru ya...." I know it sounded short and simple. It was my neighbour makcik calling over me to wish me; yes, its Chinese New Year again, though what the makcik have said was simple and nothing much interesting, yet, I felt there is a warmth and some special feeling in it. The makcik has been my neighbour when I was just little. She watch me grow, watch me walking back from school everyday and would chat with me sometimes. Imagine that I was such at a tender age, even before primary school, the makcik has been my neighbour.

Today, I heard she called me again with the same tone which she has been greeting me since then. I looked back and I saw her sitting on a "lazy chair" on the verandah, smiling to me without her foreteeth...age has wrinkled her face. I replied "Terima Kasih makcik, makcik baik?"...She replied "Baik...baik-baik jalan ye boy"....I smiled and continue walking. Sincerely, I was moved just because that she has the kind intention to greet me after so many years...even its just a simple greetings which its not extraordinary. For me, this scenario makes me feel that, simple greetings and simple words from the sincerity of the intention makes it extremely extraordinary.


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